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Just a little announcement. I will try to upload less WIPS here; and upload them all to my Facebook Page.

So if you like WIPS and sketches, you should go give it a like~

Animal Crossing !

Asked by Anonymous

I wanna play Animal Crossing sooo badly ;v; but I dont have a 3ds /weeps

Senran Kagura ~ !

Asked by Anonymous

I haven’t played this but I googled it and ohmygodness

Little Remainder

If you see something that I can improve in my art, please send me an ask or talk me about it! I´m always trying to improve and it would be very helpful for me.

Starter stickers!

I wonder if someone would buy these or the south park ones if I put them on like a website for sale—

I finished the sticker set /v/ I’m happy about how it looks~

Already printed a few and Butters is protecting my wallet <3


I just realized I have one THOUSAND (and about three hundred) followers. Because of this, I decided I should maybe do something for you guys! I will be doing a small giveaway.


  • No giveaway blogs
  • You must contact back within 24 hours otherwise I shall choose someone else
  • You must be following me.
  • You must be able to open Emofuri, open an mmo, and import psds.

Now for the the prize. The prize is a waist-up character rig! You will get the .psd in case you want to edit something later on and an .mmo with everything adjusted to the best I can. A warning though that I am no professional artist or EmoFuri user or anything. I will also be willing to stream the creation of it for you ,and whoever you want to invite, if you want. Though I will say that would slow down progress.

To enter simply reblog and/or like this, you are free to reblog this as much times as you want, however I suggest you don’t spam your followers cause that’s mean.

For this giveaway I will choose two people to receive prizes.

I will be choosing the winners at 12 am EST (2 and a half hours).

I know this is a short deadline, however I will be doing another giveaway sometime soon with more time for people to enter.

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